Do you suffer from online picture shock?

How about it?  Is the picture you use in social networking or on the “about me” page on your website an accurate representation of what you actually look like?  I know most of us are our own worst critics and we don’t want to scare folks away, but you seriously MUST use a photo that people can recognize you from if you are ever going to have “real life” interactions with them as customers, clients or mentors.   To have a meet and greet at a coffee shop and have them sit there two feet away and not recognize you does nothing for your credibility as an honest professional.

Women have a harder time with this since we often change our hair color, length, style and can look significantly different from month to month and it’s not cost effective nor time effecient  to have to update your picture across all of your social networks.  When I have a new client that I’m meeting I’ll tell them that I am a blonde now or I’ve cut my hair so they aren’t looking for a woman with long red hair instead of short blonde hair.. this usually seems to work.

Guys,  you really have to get a new picture up if you now have WAY less hair than you used to, it used to be dark brown but now not so much or you used to be clean shaven and now have a full beard.  Normally men don’t change their look as often as women do so you don’t have a good excuse to not update your online profiles.

If you want your potential client to trust you and feel good working with you, this seems like a no-brainer but it happens all the time.

If you are a single checking out the online dating scene this is ever MORE crucial.  Most ladies will never give you a 2nd chance at impressing them with your honesty.

What do you think?  Have you ever been in either the position of not being recognized?  Or been the one searching for the person you are meeting and unable to identify them?   Share you thoughts here.

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2 responses to “Do you suffer from online picture shock?

  1. I agree that your picture should accurately reflect who you really are – especially if you are using social media to make connections that will develop into real world contacts.

    My dilemma comes from trying to brand my company by using some form of my logo on most of my online communications, and using my pic for my personal profiles online.

    I do feel that using my logo can be detrimental, and I might get farther faster by using my own pic, but I also think that it is worth the effort to make my logo known, so that someone who finds me on Twitter will also recognize my company on Facebook and my website as well.

  2. I wonder if you couldn’t somehow incorporate both? For instance on Twitter your custom background already has the logo, so why not put your picture in the photo spot and maybe add your highpointseo down the side or at the top of the background?

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